Leonard Harry Ellis, Jr.

Born: July 18, 1958 in Raymond, Washington
Passed: October 31, 2013 in Seattle, Washington

Known to many area hydroplane racing fans simply as "J. R. Thunderboat",
and to close friends as Hall of Hydroplane Superheroes "Sponsonboy".

Now and then I've heard a saying or misquote of how a person having friends is wealthy.
If that could be true, it is exemplified here. Leonard is the richest person I'll ever know.
I am ever so thankful for having the experience. Thank you for letting me be your friend.


A visit to John Walters' engine shop, (Seattle, Washington), U37 racing team:


At the Hydroplane & Race Boat Museum, (Kent Washington), with Parke Schneider:


The Hydroplane & Race Boat Museum, seated in the 1968 World's Champion Miss Budweiser:


At the Seafair Hydroplane Races, about to be interviewed by KOMO TV:


I have owned, driven and been in many vehicles.
None were ever so much fun for me as riding in The Blue Blaster:


The proud crew member, N-17 Racing team:


For an hour, we two Patches Pals were little boys again:


I miss you, every day. Race on, my friend.


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