My Model Railroading

As the years have gone by, injuries and health issues have reduced my skills.
But despite it all, I still try to have some fun with a great hobby.

I have been a model railroader since I learned to crawl. In fact, I still have that very first
crumbling (Lionel!) book. I grew up in a family of many professional railroaders, knowing other
railroaders and their children. Family members worked for many railroads. Just mentioning a few
such as the Chesapeake & Ohio RY; Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe RY, Northern Pacific RY; Pacific
Northwest logging rail operations such as Aloha Lumber; Polson Brothers; and Schafer Brothers.
And the family favorite Milwaukee Road.

Sadly, I could never hire on to a railroad, due to life long health glitches. Just enough to
keep me from that employment. I did work in rail cars, and with a (civil) engineering firm which
did some work for the Burlington Northern RR- That was interesting. I am also a past or present
member of some rail historical societies such as C&NWHS, MRHA, NPRHA, PSRHA, RITS,
RSHS and some railroadiana collecting groups such as IATOC, KL&L, NAOTC and RCAI.

I have modeled or collected in Lionel "O" and "O-27", Marx "O-27" and American Flyer "S"
gauges. (Past member of TCA, TTOS.) Also, in HO, N, On30 and HOn30 scales. I started N scale
in late 1972, and am still with it, along with HOn30. Active past or present having built large
and small layouts, N-Trak, oNeTrak, Bendtrack and T-Trak modules. Also, I was one of the very
earliest Kadee/Micro-Trains collectors, and amongst the first two dozen members of the KDVCC,
which started the collecting of those brands. It was the auction of my entire collection, the
first such massive assortment ever done, (by Wick Brandon, original owner of Tex'N Rails), which
kicked off the entire mad auction and collecting craze. Prior to that, it had only been small
dribbles of such as ten, or twenty cars. Mine was well more than seven hundred cars at once!
This was large by standards of over thirty years ago.

Yes. I love those trains!


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