Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad

"The Milwaukee Road"

(Apologies for the quality. My slide scanner is an old junker.)


Little Joe Class EF4 #E70 at rest, Deer Lodge, Montana:



The following are some scans, as noted at page top.

Only two more days remain until the 1980 embargo. It is lousy weather,
fitting the tragic mood. This is Bellingham, Washington. SW1200 #614
has just tied up after completing her chores. Dark, foggy, drizzling & at
times heavy rains. We have been awaiting an Extra East (so-called as a
Train 904) pulled by two SDL39 engines. Unfortunately, BN has them
choked off at Everett & they'll not be here until after dark:



Just after New Years of 1980, a large snow storm impacted the Pacific Northwest.
Not quite the last the Milwaukee Road would endure, but perhaps the worst of
those final two months. Although it might appear there is not much snow on the
ground, in fact the winds were whipping flakes away as fast as they fell. Just
down the road behind me, there were drifts four & five feet high.

This is Cedar Falls, Washington on that nasty day, conditions nearing white-out:



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