Train Orders For Sale Or Trade

I have quite a number of spare train orders available for sale. Some dating back as far as the 1870's.
They are offered from many issuing locations along many railroads, with more added frequently.

Please keep checking back, as I may locate additional examples. There are many boxes in my
basement and I do on occasion acquire small collections, which may include additional spares.


For The Panic Stricken, & Those Sheep So Easy To Stampede:

These are an obsolete style of communication. Despite any foolishness you might have heard,
there is no national security risk! Almost all of those railroads listed here no longer operate in
this fashion. The vast majority ceased using these 25 years and even many more decades ago.
Nothing can be learned from these items, which an average citizen does not already see, while
waiting impatiently at a road crossing for any train to pass.

In fact, most of these companies I offer no longer exist, but are long, long gone....
Many already totally forgotten, or even unknown to so-called or self-anointed "historians."
(Railroad "historians". Now there's a laugh.)


Condition of these items will be many, and varied. Whether a blank example,
an issued single copy, operator annulment, loose issued clearance card, a partial
or complete set. A filled in copy may be a like new office file. Or it may have
been carried by a train crew. If the latter, it would likely show the wear of use.
Possible wrinkles, folded corners, spindle hole, some soil or notes on back, etc.


I will upon request scan an example or two for any prospective buyer.
Due to bad experiences, (no back door freebies!), scans will be watermarked.


Below is a list of those companies from which spares are available for sale.
(Or possibly a trade?) Just click on the company name of interest.

Note: A company name not listed indicates I've sold or traded all spare examples.


The List

Assortments or Quantities of Train Orders Available

Blank Clearance Card pads and Train Order pads


Akron Canton & Youngstown RR

Alabama, Tennessee and Northern RR

Alaska RR

Algoma Central RY

Algoma Central & Hudson Bay RY

Ann Arbor RR

The Arkansas & Louisiana Missouri RY

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe RY

Atlanta and West Point RR

Atlantic Coast Line RR

Australian National RYs

The Baltimore and Ohio RR

Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal RR

Bangor and Aroostook RR

Belfast & Moosehead Lake RR

Bessemer & Lake Erie RR

Boston & Albany RR

Boston & Maine RR

British Columbia RY

British Columbia Electric RY

British Columbia Hydro & Power Authority

Burlington Northern RR

Butte, Anaconda & Pacific RY

Cadillac & Lake City RY

California Western RR

California Northwestern RY

Camas Prairie RR

Canadian National RYs

Canadian Pacific RY

Cedar Rapids & Iowa City RY

Central California Traction Company

Central Of Georgia RY

Central New England RY

Central RR Of New Jersey

Central Vermont RY

Chattahoochee Valley RR

Chesapeake & Ohio RY

The Chicago & Alton RR

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy RR

Chicago, Central & Pacific RR

Chicago & Eastern Illinois RR

Chicago Great Western RY

Chicago & Illinois Midland RY

Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville RY

Chicago, Indiana & Southern RR

Chicago, Milwaukee & Puget Sound RY

Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul RY

Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific RR

Chicago & North Western

Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific RR

Chicago & Western Indiana RR

Chicago and West Michigan RY

Chihuahua Pacific RY

The Cincinnati Northern RR

Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis RY

Clinchfield RR

The Colorado & Southern RY (BN)

The Colorado & Southern RY (CB&Q)

Columbia, Newberry & Laurens RR

Columbus & Greenville RY

Condon, Kinzua & Southern RR

Consolidated Rail Corporation ("Conrail")

Conway Scenic RR

Coos Bay Lumber Company

Coos Bay Timber Division Of Georgia-Pacific Company

Copper River & Northwestern Railway

CSX Transportation

Cuba National RYs

Cumberland and Pennsylvania RR

Cumberland RY & Coal Company

Davenport, Rock Island and Northwestern RR

Delaware & Hudson RR

Delaware, Lackawanna & Western RR

Denver & Salt Lake Railway

Denver & Rio Grande Western RR

DeQueen and Eastern RR

Detroit, Lansing & Northern RR

Detroit and Mackinac RY

Detroit, Toledo & Ironton RR

The Detroit and Toledo Shore Line RR

Devco RY

Dominion Atlantic RY (CPR)

Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic RY

Durham & Southern RY

The East Broad Top RR and Coal Company

East Erie Commercial RR

Elgin, Joliet and Eastern RY

Erie RR

Erie Lackawanna RY

Esquimalt & Nanaimo RY (CPR)

The Fairport, Painesville and Eastern RR

Fernwood, Columbia & Gulf RR

Florida East Coast Railway

Fonda, Johnstown and Gloversville RR

Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern RY

Fort Worth & Denver RY (BN)

Fort Worth & Denver RY (CB&Q)

Galveston, Houston and Henderson RR

Georgia RR

Georgia & Florida RY

Georgia-Pacific Company

Grand River Railroad

Grand Trunk RY (Eastern Lines)

Grand Trunk Western RR

Great Northern RY

Great Western RY

Green Bay & Western RR

Green Mountain RR

Greenwich & Johnsonville RY

Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe RY

Gulf & Mississippi RR

Gulf, Mobile and Ohio RR

High Point, Thomasville & Denton RR

(The) Huntingdon & Broad Top Mountain RR & Coal Company

Illinois Central RR

Illinois Central Gulf RR

Illinois Terminal RR

Indiana Harbor Belt RR

International & Great Northern RR

Interstate RR

Iowa RR

Iowa Central RY

Jamestown, Westfield & Northwestern RR

The Kansas City, Kaw Valley & Western RY

Kansas City Southern RY

Kansas, Oklahoma & Gulf RY

Kentucky & Indiana Terminal RR

Kentucky & Tennessee RY

Keweenaw Central RY

King Street Passenger Station

Lake Erie, Franklin & Clarion RR

Lake Shore & Michigan Southern RY

Lake Superior & Ishpeming RR

Lamoille Valley RR

The Lehigh and Hudson River RY

Lehigh & New England RR

Lehigh Valley RR

Lehigh Valley Transit Company

Live Oak, Perry & Gulf RR

(The) Long Island RR

Louisiana & Arkansas RY

Louisiana & Arkansas Railway (KCS RY)

The Louisiana and North West RR

Louisville & Nashville RR

Maine Central RR

Manistee & North-Eastern RR

The Manitou & Pike's Peak RY

Maryland Midland RY

Maryland & Pennsylvania RR

Michigan Central RR

Mid-Continent RY Museum

Midland Terminal RY

Midland Valley RR

Military RY Service, US Army

The Milwaukee Road, Inc

Mineral Range RR

Minneapolis, Northfield and Southern RY

Minneapolis & St. Louis RY

Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie RR ("The Soo Line")

Mississippi Central RR

Mississippi Export RR

Missouri-Illinois RR

Missouri, Kansas & Texas RY

Missouri-Kansas-Texas RR

Missouri-Kansas-Texas RR Of Texas

Missouri Pacific RR

Monon RR

The Monongahela RY

Montour RR

Napierville Junction RY

Narragansett Pier RR

National RYs Of Mexico

New Jersey Transit Company

New York Central RR

New York Central & Hudson River RR

New York & Long Branch RR

New York, Chicago & St. Louis RR ("Nickel Plate Road")

New York, New Haven & Hartford RR

New York, Ontario & Western RY

New York, Susquehanna and Western RR

Norfolk Southern Corporation

Norfolk Southern RY

Norfolk & Western RY

North Coast Transportation Company

Northern Ohio RY

Northern Pacific RR

Northern Pacific RY

Northwestern Pacific RR

Oahu RY and Land Company

Oklahoma-Kansas-Texas RR

Ontario Northland RY

Oregon Electric RY

Oregon Trunk RY

Oregon-Washington RR & Navigation Company

Pacific Coast RR

Pacific Electric RY

Pacific Great Eastern RY

Pacific RY Of Mexico

Panama RR

Panhandle & Santa Fe RY

Penn Central Transportation Company

The Pennsylvania RR

Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines

Peoria & Eastern RY

Peoria Terminal Company

Pere Marquette RY

Piedmont and Northern RY

Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis RY

The Pittsburgh & Lake Erie RR

The Pittsburgh & West Virginia RY

The Pittsburg & Shawmut RR

Portland Traction Company

Providence & Worcester RR

Puget Sound & Cascade RY

Puget Sound Electric RY

Quanah, Acme & Pacific RR

Quebec, North Shore and Labrador RY

Queensland RYs

Quincy, Omaha & Kansas City RR

Raritan River RR

Reading Company

Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac RR

Rutland RY

St. Johnsbury & Lake Champlain RR

St. Johnsbury & Lamoille County RR

St. Louis-San Francisco RY

St. Louis-San Francisco and Texas RY

St. Louis Southwestern RY

St. Louis Southwestern RY Company of Texas

Salem & Hillsborough RR

San Diego & Arizona Eastern RY

San Francisco-Sacramento RR

Santa Maria Valley RR

Savannah & Atlanta RY

Seaboard Air Line Railroad

Seaboard Coast Line RR

Seaboard System RR

Seattle & North Coast RR

Sierra RR

Soo Line RR

South Australian RYs

Southern RY

Southern New York RY

Southern Pacific Lines

Spencerville & Elgin RR

Spokane International RR

Spokane, Portland and Seattle RY


Sydney & Louisburg RY

Tacoma Eastern RY

Tennessee RR

Tennessee Central RY

Texas-Mexican RY

Texas-New Mexico RY

Texas & New Orleans RR

Texas and Pacific RY

Toledo, Ann Arbor & North Michigan RY

Toledo & Ohio Central RY

Toledo, Peoria & Western RR

Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo RY

Tucson, Cornelia and Gila Bend RR

Union Pacific RR

Utah RY

Vermont RY

Victoria State Transport Authority

Virginia and Truckee RY

Virginian RY

Wabash RR

Washington, Idaho & Montana RY

Washington and Old Dominion RR

Waterloo RR

Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Northern RR

Waynesburg & Washington RR

Western Maryland RY

Western Pacific RR

Western RY Of Alabama

White Pass & Yukon Route

Winston-Salem Southbound RY

Wisconsin & Southern RR

The Youngstown & Northern RR

Yuma Valley RR


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