Occasionally I Do Buy A Few Train Orders

If you happen to have any spare train orders, I'd be interested in learning about them. On occasion,
I will purchase small batches. For my collection, trading, or resale. Please keep in mind that I may
already have what you offer. Also, some copying locations seem to be very plentiful.

Most who seriously collect train orders, want examples which were copied at line side stations. Done
inside of the depots or towers, by telegraphers, operators, levermen and agents. Crew copies, unless
covering an unusual event, would be of very minimal interest if at all.

Modern methods of moving trains, such as the MBSC (Manual Block System Clearance), and various
Forms, Track Warrants, Permits or Bulletins, those copied by engine crews of today, or run off via a
remotely stationed printer, are not what I seek. These superseded flimsies, mostly post-dating the
true train order era. Some fans very mistakenly call these papers "train orders", which they are not.

Blank pads? It will depend upon what you have. It's best if this item is a full pad, with it's brown
paper cover sheet, (some had this cover, some did not), and cardboard backer. More often than not,
I won't purchase these items.

Growing A Train Order Collection?

I am always looking to expand my collection. Over the years, I've found one very useful method which can
also be a lot of fun. Instead of spending hard-earned cash, trade with others who also have a few spares!
Through the years, I've learned a lot and had some great fun swapping flimsies with other collectors.

My accumulation is fair sized, perhaps yours is large, too. Or maybe you are just starting. Keep looking.
Flimsies can still be found out there! Please keep me in mind, if you happen to locate anything new!


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